Approved Round Module Wrap Products

Certificates of Analysis and Approved List

To allow companies, manufacturers, importers and/or distributors to be included on an approved list of round module wrap providers, the National Cotton Council will accept a certificate of analysis (COA) from third party certified laboratories.  All charges and costs associated with testing and reporting shall be borne by such round module wrap provider.

Sample preparation requirements are outlined in the Round Module Wrap for Seed Cotton Certification and Standard. This guide also describes the required testing and resulting minimum performance levels that a wrap product must meet or exceed to achieve compliance with ASABE S615.2.

Excel spreadsheets are available for manufacturers to use in reporting laboratory results and field testing data for demonstrating compliance with S615.2.

Completed spreadsheets and any further questions should be sent to






Tama RMW Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd.  

Tama USA Inc. TamaWrap Yellow and Pink Premium Standard, Arctic