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2022 Ginners School - Dates, Times and Course Offerings

Explanation - Certified Ginner CE Requirements

Tentative 2023 School Dates:

Southwest Ginners School 
SOuth Plains Ginning Laboratory
Lubbock, Texas
Western Ginners School 
Southwestern Cotton Ginning Research Laboratory
Mesilla Park, New Mexico
Stoneville Ginners School 
USDA Ginning Research Laboratory
Stoneville, Mississippi
March 27-29, 2023 (M-W) May 2-4, 2023 (T-Th) June 6-8, 2023 (W-Th)
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Lubbock, Texas
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Mesilla Park, New Mexico
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Stoneville, Mississippi
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Course Descriptions

Each level of ginners school coursework is built on the previous level of instruction, with Level I as the foundation. Therefore, the school’s coordinators strongly recommend that beginning students, regardless of gin experience, start with Level I.  Levels I, II and III are all two-day courses, therefore students enroll for one level per school. 

Level I

Introduction to Cotton Ginning and Ginning Demonstration
Basic Gin Safety
Basic Hydraulics
Air Utilization
Electricity in the Gin
Maintenance and Adjustment for Seed Cotton Cleaners, Gin Stands and Lint Cleaners
Maintenance of Auxiliary Components
Classing Cotton
Moisture Measurement
Review of the Cotton Industry
Waste Collection and Disposal

Level II

Purpose and Operating Principles of Individual Gin Machines
Efficient Operation, Adjustment, and Maintenance of Gin Equipment
Pneumatics and Waste Collection
Electrical Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Gin Safety
Management Tips
Roller Ginning (at the Western School only)

Level III

Review of Functions of a Ginning System
Electrical Systems
Air Systems in the Gin
Drying and Moisture Restoration Systems
Matching Machinery Capacities in the System
Seed Cotton Unloading Systems and
Management of Seed Cotton Handling Systems
Bale Presses and Hydraulic Systems
Safety Programs and Labor Regulations
Cottonseed Handling Systems
Roller Ginning (at the Western School only)

The 2023 Continuing Education schedule is being developed and may be different for each of the three schools.

This course will serve as the Continuing Education Course for the certified ginner program.

Please note, to maintain your certification, you must complete twelve hours of continuing education (CE) credits over a three-year period.  For example, if you received your certification in 2020, then, to remain in good standing in the program, you will need to complete your twelve CE hours in 2023.  

·  Continuing education course work (CE) will be offered each year in conjunction with the annual ginner’s schools.  Each hour of participation at the NCGA sponsored CE course work will receive one credit hour.

·  Beltwide Cotton Ginners Conference participation provides one hour credit for each hour of participation.

·  Re-taking ginner’s school course work (levels I-III) will also provide CE credit.

·  Participation in local association schools, workshops, seminars, and tradeshows may be eligible for CE credit. An agenda and participation form must be submitted to National Cotton Ginners Associations.  Upon review, any CE credit hour(s) will be assigned to the participant. 

You can contact Jana Jackins ( or 901-274-9030) if you have questions.



Levels I, II, III and

Continuing Education

3 day attendance (each level)

Certification Exam (Level 3) $50 per student (held on day two)

Registration fees can be paid online using credit card or by check.

Our Association’s refund policy: Cancellations must be made one week in advance of school to receive refund.

Additional Information

If there are questions about any aspect of the school, call:

All Schools 
Harrison Ashley or Jana Jackins
National Cotton Ginners Association
(901) 274-9030
Southwest School 
Greg Holt
South Plains Ginning Laboratory
(806) 746-5353
Stoneville School 
Joe Thomas
USDA Ginning Research Laboratory
(662) 686-3095
Western School 
Derek Whitelock
Southwestern Cotton Gin Research Laboratory  
(575) 526-6381




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