2024 Beltwide Cotton Conferences

Important Dates
Aug 1
  • Call for Papers Opens

Sept 18
  • Preliminary Program Online

  • Registration Opens

Oct 16
  • Call For Papers Close

Nov 1
  • Last day for technical conferences chairpersons to arrange papers

Nov 6
  • Author paper acceptance notice deadline

Dec 4
  • Final Program online

Dec 18
  • Hotel Reservations Cutoff Date

Jan 14-16. 2025
  • 2025 Beltwide Cotton Conferences



By focusing on solutions to production, processing and marketing challenges, the Beltwide Cotton Conferences are helping to strengthen U.S. cotton's competitive position in domestic and world markets. Solutions presented here address issues that influence profitability and sustainability.

Conference proceedings are available beginning from 1983 to the most recent conferences. The full proceedings, including abstracts and papers, for years’ 2005 through 2023 are available online. Proceedings from 1983 through 2004 conferences may be ordered by sending an email to BWCC.

The conferences are sponsored by the National Cotton Council in cooperation with state land-grant universities, the USDA, the agricultural chemicals and equipment industries, planting seed companies, private agricultural consultants and state and regional cotton organizations.

The Council is the central organization of U.S. cotton, representing all seven industry segments. Through its support of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences, the Council can more effectively carry out its mission: to strengthen the ability of the industry to compete effectively and profitably in fiber and oilseed markets at home and abroad.

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Mention of a trademark or proprietary product anywhere in these proceedings does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of the product by the National Cotton Council, U.S. Department of Agriculture, any state university or any other federal or state agency, nor imply its approval to the exclusion of other suitable products.

In preparing the proceedings of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences, the Council makes a good faith effort to avoid any errors, omissions or other editing mistakes in the process of converting presentations and papers into these proceedings. However, the Council cannot ensure against all such errors, omissions or other editing mistakes and is not liable for any such errors, omissions or mistakes.
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