NCC Member Web Sites

Alabama Cotton Commission
Amarillo Cotton Warehouse
American Cotton Shippers Association
Andersons Trade Group
Arizona Ag Marketing & Consulting Group, Inc.
Autauga Quality Cotton Association
Bakersfield Cotton Warehouse
BCT Gin Co., Inc.
Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.
Calcot, Ltd.
Cap Yarns, LLC
Cape & Son
Cargill Cotton-Cordova
Carnegie Farmers Coop Gin
Cherokee Gin & Cotton Company
Chickasha of Georgia, LLC
Choice Cotton Company, Inc.
Cotton Growers Cooperative
Cottonseed, LLC
DECA International LLC
Decatur Gin Company, Inc.
Doerun Gin Company, Inc.
Dooly Gin, Inc.
Edcot Coop Gin
Farmers Coop Association O'Donnell
Farmers Cooperative Compress
First South Farm Credit
Fowler Agency
Franklin Cotton Whse., Cooperative
Frontier Spinning Mills, Inc.
Funston Gin Company, Inc.
Gavilon Group, LLC
Georgia Cotton Commission
Gildan Yarns
Gulf Compress
Hamrick Mills
Handwerker-Winburne, Inc.
Inman Mills
Jess Smith & Sons Cotton, LLC
King Ranch, Inc.
Langston Enterprises
Louis Dreyfus Company
Lubbock Cotton Growers
Lubbock Electric Co.
McCay Gin & Whse. Company, Inc.
Mid-Valley Cotton Growers Inc.
Mobley Gin Company
Moody Compress & Warehouse Co., Inc.
Mount Vernon Mills, Inc.
North Carolina Cotton Producers Association
Oasis Gin, Inc.
Panhandle Compress Company
Parkdale Mills, Inc.
Penny Newman Grain Company
Pioneer Gin, Inc.
Plains Cotton Coop Association
Planters Cotton Oil Mill
ProCot Cooperative
Producers Cooperative Oil Mill
PYCO Industries, Inc.
Quality Gin Company, Inc.
Quarterway Cotton Growers Gin
Rolling Hills Gin, LLC
Sconyers Gin & Warehouse
Smith Gin Coop, Inc.
South Carolina Cotton Board
Southeastern Gin, Inc.
Southern Cotton Oil/ADM
Southwest Agribusiness Consulting
Southwest Cotton Growers
Sowega Cotton Gin & Warehouse, LLC
Spade Coop Gin, Inc.
Staplcotn Coop Association
Stover Equipment Co., Inc.
Suffolk Cotton Gin
Tex Tech Industries
Texas Producers Cooperative
Tillman Producers Coop
United Ag
United Cotton Growers Coop Gin
United Gin Corporation
Valley Cooperative Oil Mill
Walcot Trading Company
White Gold Cotton LLC
Windstar Gins, Inc.

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